The definition of ASM is not clear in the context of India. There are no clearly defined artisanal and small-scale mines in India. The only broad classification of mining activities in India is that of ‘minor’ and ‘major’ minerals.

Most of the mining of minor minerals, which includes all construction related minerals such as stones, are performed in an unorganized way usually at small-scales of operation, whereas the minerals used for other industrial purposes fall into the category of ‘major’ minerals. However, it is not necessarily correct that all major minerals cannot be mined at small-scales. Though generally major minerals are mined at large scale but often these minerals trespass each others’ mining leases or territories. Similarly, at times minor minerals are extracted at large scales of operation. Also, the term ‘scale’ tends to indicate only production amounts, and leave out the important question of valuation of output, making the situation more complicated.

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